Greetings Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

     Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  What a tremendous voter’s meeting we had today.  For those of you who were not able to join us, our congregation by unanimous affirmation and the Lord’s will, voted to call Pastor Jon Burkee currently serving at Grace Lutheran in El Centro.  By my estimation, it certainly seemed everyone who attended today was excited at the prospect of Pastor Burkee shepherding our flock and having spoken to him, we should feel that way.
     I had the pleasure of calling Pastor Burkee with the great news and ended up spending literally two hours on the phone with him.  He is very easy to speak to.  Rather than spending three pages filling you in on our conversation, you will get the chance to meet and speak to him yourselves later this week.  Pastor, his wife Carla and son Jacob will be coming to First this Friday to meet our staff, see the church and school and join the congregation for lunch.
     If you are able, FLC will be hosting lunch from 11:30am until 1:00pm, or so, this coming Friday in the Fellowship Hall.  He wants to meet as many of us as possible, so please join us.  
     The Lord has blessed and continues to bless First Lutheran more than we deserve. It has been two years since Pastor Carlson retired and although the road has been long, it has not been for naught.  As I like to remind my family upon heading out for vacation, getting there is half the fun.  How true this has been the last couple of years.  Candidly I was lukewarm on the idea of an interim minister, but I believe this was the road the Lord wanted us to take.  
     Lastly, I want to pass along my personal thanks and that of our congregation to the Call Committee; Cheryl Vanick (Chair), Nancy Klomp, Jim Alfalma and Roger Hennies.  Thanks to their tireless efforts, we had three excellent choices to lead First.  As I mentioned I had the joy of calling Pastor Burkee, but also the tough duty to call Pastors’ Meyer and Thomas.  I’m going to echo the sentiments of the Call Committee that any of these three men would make an excellent choice and after speaking with them, I am confident the Lutheran Church will not only survive, but thrive with men like these to minister to us.  All three are going to continue to pray for FLC and we should and will do the same for them.
     May our Risen Savior continue to shower blessings upon us all.  See you Friday!



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