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Adopt-A-Family is a supportive ministry to our School.

Our hope is that it creates intentional connection between congregants and specific families within Circle of Love, while providing ways for these congregants to tangibly express love toward them.

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Ways to Show Love & Support

Attend the “Adopt-A-Family” Training Launch on Monday August, 26th @5:30pm.


Attend a meet and greet/playdate at Parent Child Orientation on

Friday, August 30th from 9-11:30am. This is where you will meet your child and family!

Sponsor a Beginner's Bible for your given child (12)

Connect with the family you’ve “adopted” on their respective Family Sunday (or if you see them on another Family Sunday) - this also includes Kick-Off Sunday on Sept. 22nd, 2024 & the End of the Year Service on June 22, 2025

Connect with the family at any Connection Events (i.e. Trunk-toberfest, etc.), but especially events they are being highlighted (Christmas Concert)


Sign-up to read on our special Connection Days, or another day as a Mystery Reader

Daily and Weekly Pray for them


Send them Birthday & Holiday Cards


Be open to the relationship deepening & extending organically!


Attend their graduation from COL in the future!

Sign up to Adopt-A-Family!

Please fill out the information below. Once you are finished, click the "Submit" button. Because signing up for "Adopt-A-Family" automatically asks of you to sponsor a Beginner's Bible, you will be redirected to our

Beginner Bible Sponsor Donation page. We ask that you please follow through with sponsoring a Bible. Thank you!

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