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Family Services & Events


Healing Service

January 14th @ 10am

If you or anyone in your family is hurting in mind, body, or soul and are in need of special prayer, this service is a place for you.

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Baptism Invitation

January 21-23

We are offering a special Baptism weekend for anyone wishing for the child to be baptized! Please contact the school/church office if you are interested!

  • Private Baptisms held on Saturday, January 21st at a time of your choosing.

  • Baptism during our Family Sunday service when the Peach Room will be singing - Sunday, January 22nd at 9:30am.

  • Baptisms during School Chapel on Monday, January 23rd at 9:40am

Family Sunday - Church Mouse Choir 
Peach Room 
January 22nd at 9:30am

Join us in worship with our Youth Led Church Mouse Choir Sunday with the Peach Room on January 22 at 9:30 am. Stick around after the service for donuts, coffee, and fun kid activities!


Blessing of Animals

FLC Aerial View w Arrows.PNG

January 29th @ 4:00-5:30pm

We are hosting a special drive-thru blessing of the animals! God cares for them and we do too! Please bring your pets(s) for a special blessing in the Upper Parking Lot! We will also be having a special item drive for the South Bay SPCA!

Items to donate to SPCA
For Dogs:
Bowls, toys, chews, food (dry or canned), blankets, beds, leash, collar, harness, sweater, enrichment, dog carriers, dog crates, poop bags, grooming supplies

For Cats:
Bowls, toys, cat and kitten foods, litter, cat scratching posts, washable beds (new), kitty hammock, baskets, cardboard cat scratchers

Bunny, Rabbit, & Small Animals:
Alfalfa hay, Carefresh, Corner litter boxes, fresh fruits and vegetables, rabbit or small animal chew sticks, small animal water bottles, rabbit/small animal-safe toys


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