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Our Mission:

Connecting Hearts, 
Discovering Purpose in Christ


We value Christ-centered Education as a means to serve all of God's children, young or old, and support them in discovering their purpose in Christ. 


We value service as a reflection of Jesus who came not to be served, but to serve, and who taught that it is a crucial mark or Christ-centered community of belonging. Discovering purpose is always service oriented.

Formational Traditions

We value traditions that assist individuals, families, and our community in their formation as God's children in all areas of life - in soul, mind, body, emotions, and relationships. 


We value prayer as an essential posture in all we do as a church and school and necessary in living life together compassionately. 


We value connection to God and connection to each other as the means to create a Christ-centered community of belonging.


We value music as a vibrant means of expressing the beauty of God and its crucial contribution to people's entire formation, both educationally and spiritually. 

Our Values:

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